7 Ways To Get Rid Of Frizzy Hair

Because frizzy hair is frequently dry hair, moisturizing is critical to preventing frizz. After moisturizing your hair, style it with a curl-defining gel to emphasize your curls. If you have naturally frizzy hair, certain hairstyles can help keep it under control and frizz-free.

Whatever is causing your hair to become frizzy, the appropriate combination of products and hair care procedures can assist.

1. Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water

To avoid overly dry and frizzy hair, shower at a lower temperature. It preserves both your hair and skin. To seal the cuticles of your hair, you should do a cold rinse. Reduce the water temperature used to wash your hair and conclude with a pleasant cold water rinse. If you cannot give up hot showers totally, tie your hair up to prevent it from damage caused by hot water.

2. Consider Using A Conditioning Shampoo

Misaligned hair strands are the most common cause of frizzy hair. Conditioning shampoos are beneficial because they assist in detangling hair and realigning hair strands. Taming hair when it is still damp, such as in the shower, is the most straightforward approach to prevent frizz later.

If you have frizzy hair, you should use moisturizing, hydrating shampoo. When purchasing a hair cleanser, search for products with moisturizing, moisture control, or frizz control features.

3. Use A Microfiber Towel Or Cotton T-Shirt To Dry your Hair

Additionally, your towel may be helping to frizz by roughening up your cuticle. Instead of using a conventional terry cloth towel to dry your hair, use a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt. Since microfiber towels have more delicate fibers, they cause less friction and snagging on your hair.

4. Use A Wide-Tooth Comb To Detangle Hair

Using the incorrect brush can cause hair cuticles to become rough, resulting in frizz. Never brush wet hair with a boar bristle brush. Rather than that, use a brush made for damp hair. Wide-tooth combs are great for frizz-prone hair because they allow for more passage of hair through the teeth, reducing breaking.

5. Invest In A Blow Dryer With Ionic Technology

Regular blow dryers dry your hair with hot air, which can be harmful over time. Ionic dryers utilize a magnet to extract moisture from the hair and help seal the cuticle more easily. Many people make the error of always using excessive heat. With an ionic dryer, you can activate or deactivate that feature. Another technique is to reduce the heat to warm or medium and finish drying your hair with cold air when it is nearly dry.

6. Hair Serums For Frizz Elimination

A serum is an excellent solution for frizz control due to the silicones it may include. Silicones help tame frizz because they act as a chain-like material that helps realign hair strands, giving hair a smooth appearance and allowing it to move more freely. When selecting a serum, seek components that smooth and realign hair strands while also imparting a silky sensation to the hair.

7. Utilize A Hair Mask To Nourish And Detangle Hair

Hair masks are suitable for all hair types and are an excellent technique to control frizz by forming a barrier that helps lock in needed moisture and prevents style-destroying dampness. To calm unmanageable frizz, look for a hair mask enriched with avocado oil.